About Kings and Queens Makeup

Based in Hyderabad, our Kings and Queen Makeup brand has gained tremendous popularity in the last few years thanks to the team of expert makeup professionals delivering impeccable results.

Our brand known for showcasing stellar expertise and exclusive talent in bridal makeup, fashion shows, corporate events, birthday parties, model shoots and weddings have seen steady growth since its launch.

K&Q’s makeup services team strives towards enhancing the brand’s growth and has worked with some of the nest celebrities of Bollywood industry. Our natural flair to give exact makeover as the client desires gives the company an edge never seen before!

Aims & Objectives

  • Ourcompany protrudes a warm and welcoming ambience where each and every client receives a confortable and relaxing experience to remember.
  • Moreover, our troupe of specialist makeup artists help to make each client look their natural best no matter what the choices are; from a pure clean finish to fairer shade.
  • Coordinating total makeover with a thorough understanding of client’s requirement
  • Transforming any regular basic look to something exceptional to remember

Wedding Shenanigans!

Catering to a wide spectrum of style looks that ranges from the traditional Indian to the upbeat modern – K&Q makes every bridal project super successful. With inexplicable glorious styles at hand for every bride, our brand keeps on experimenting with every upcoming fashion looks to go for!

Certified Makeup Artists and Hairstylists

This is perhaps one of the reasons; K&Q finds so much favour amongst some of the best names of the country. Starting from acclaimed political families to prominent industrialists, ourbrand has gained spectacular reputation over the years thanks to its exceptional makeup services team.