Bridal Makeup Services

Indian brides are known for their mesmerizing beauty all over the world. Decked in gorgeous lehengas or sarees along with assorted jewellery – the bride dazzles everyone on that day.

Moreover, as per Indian customs, flowers play a vital role in marriage which when adorned on a bride makes her look like a Goddess.

We know, that on that special day, the day for which you have waited with bated breath; you want to look beautiful but not in an overdone garish manner! And that is why Kings and Queens’s wedding makeup artists become your first choice as it believes in portraying your natural beauty in a simple yet sophisticated fashion.

Choose the Right Wedding Makeup Artists!

K&Q’s bridal makeup artists have earned huge fame since its inception and has been growing steadily ever since. If you are looking for bridal makeup artists in Hyderabad, then make sure to provide the following details -

  • 1. At what time you want to be ready?
  • 2. Location and time (day or night).
  • 3. Notify us whether you have any skin allergies or pimples.
  • 4. If your skin is not clean then opt for the trail makeover.
  • 5. Tell us about your saree or lehengacolour.
  • 6. Tell us what kind of hairstyle you desire for your sangeet, wedding and reception.

Note: If you undergo a trial makeup make sure to try out some extra wedding looks before you settle for the final one! As we have a wide range of makeup choices in our repertoire choosing one won’t be difficult!

We can assure you that you will get 100% satisfaction after you have chosen our bridal makeup services for your grand day! Moreover with latest wedding styles in our baggage,be sure to make the most of it!