Commercial Makeup Services

“The Power of Makeup” gives you the “Power to create an indelible mark”

The need for commercial makeups for televisions and films has been growing since the last decade. Commercial makeup services compensates for unattractive changes that have to take off for appearing in front off the camera.

It is also used to enhance the positive features of a person while subduing his or her flaws.

As opposed to popular belief that commercial makeup is only for people appearing on TV, this genre of makeup is actually a way to retain a normal look for a person on television.

Our brand, Kings and Queens’s team of makeup artists for ads have worked extensively in major national advertisements creating a buzz in the showbiz world.

What we stand for?

We the K&Q family have shared quite a few memorable moments by creating exquisite ad images through our skills of makeover to retain a person’s inherent beauty.

  • Our brand team of makeup services for ad agencieshas catered wildly to a number of Indian advertisements.
  • Our makeup artists believe in retaining fundamental beauty above all.
  • It is our brand motto to portray minimal makeup with the utmost subtlety.
  • Lastly, K&Q stands for its diverse ad works ranging from beauty adds to daily usage products ads as well.

With our formal makeup foundations, astringent toners to soothe skin, fresh wipes to tighten and cleansify skin pores, our brand has strived towards generating a whole new dimension of commercial makeup endeavors.

All the more if you are looking for a stand out organisation that will set your advertisement right on the game, we the Kings and Queens Company are here to give you an assured makeover for your benefit only!

Give us a call or visit ourmakeup services website to remain updated on our commercial makeup services!