Party Makeup Services

They say makeup and women are inseparable! A little blush, a little mascara and a little gloss on your lush lips, you are ready to set the ball rolling!

Kings and Queens Makeup Services for Parties

We are a family of expert party makeup artists who believe in giving every girl a cut-edge look for any glam event!

Here’s what we have for you!

  • Super smoky eyes with metallic lip shade look
  • Glitter Look with the touch of sparkles
  • Creative Contrast Look
  • The latest blue shade look for a party night
  • The Classic Upgraded look to match your dress
  • Eco-Friendly Green shade/li>

Now that you know about the exotic party makeup range we provide, give us a call and get your party night a notch up with the hottest of fashions!

And if you are looking for makeup artists for parties in Hyderabad, then go for our Kings and Queens brand for we guarantee complete satisfaction with our impeccable services providing 100% authentic branded products. Our team gives you

  • Naturally dazzling party look
  • No skin issues with our products
  • Styles for every season (summer or winter)
  • Waterproof makeup to retain the effect

Make it a point to get a K&Q special party look this 2018!