Saree Draping Services

If we look at the meaning behind the famous quote by Keats, beauty is versatile and it resides in the eyes of the beholder. We being the beholder can agree that no garment can look as elegant and regal on Indian women other than a saree.

India is all about its traditions, especially when it comes to marriage. Therefore, we at K & Q makeup bring to you customized saree draping services, to make our bride look like a queen.

What services do we offer?

Our professional saree draping specialists are trained to transform a bride into a gorgeous sensual woman eluding grace and elegance. Some of the promising styles we drape are as follows.

South Indian style –

South Indian saree draping has been popular since time immemorial. A perfect choice for new brides looking for simplicity and Glamour

North Indian saree draping –

Thefamous Banarasi silk sarees are some of the prominent threads chosen by new brides of the season.

Bengali styled saree –

The traditional taant and Banarasi are two of the most sought after styles when considering Bengali saree draping services.

Gujarati styled saree –

The origin of the patola style goes popular this season. Our team does not disappoint when it comes to Gujarathisaree draping.

Kerala saree draping –

A single pristine and virginal style of draping a saree is what Kerala is famous for. Avail this makeover with our variable saree draping services.

Why choose us?

Good question. If you want your bride to stand out from the rest, we provide the best saree draping services with trained specialists, ready to serve at your beck and call. Choose your style and leave the rest to our professionals to give you the best ethnic look for your wedding.

Are you interested to know more about the various other ways you can drape your saree?

Why don’t you contact us?

Wedding season is right around the corner so give us a call to avail our customized saree draping services.